Welcome to PlatGrow.com everyone. We have created this website for everyone who wants to grow their social media page whether it is on Instagram or any other social media platform. We felt that we wanted to grow our own social media page but it would be way too complicated to keep a track on people on multiple platforms (on top of that other DMs from auto reply services), therefor the whole PlatGrow Team went on a skype call and brainstormed a way for people to connect, network and trade with each other in an easier way. Not only that, we created different Forums and Groups for people on different levels (maybe not too fun to trade with people when there’s 150k followers difference). Here’s a short explanation on what you can do on PlatGrow.com:

Profile – By creating a profile you can simply add people as your friend and begin to network through our messaging feature. Add your own social links and change your profile picture to make it easier for other people to see what pages/profiles you already run.

Groups – With the friends you’ve made you can create different types of “Groups”, let’s say you’re 10 people in the fashion industry and wants to have a more private conversation, well then you can simply create a secret group called “fashion”. The list of different groups are endless and it’s easy for other people to find and request to join the different groups.

Forum – In the forum section you can simply talk to all users. Either you join one of the already created forums for different platforms or create your own for your needs. If you’re looking for various answers, just create a forum/topic named after what you’re wondering about and wait for all the answers to pour in.

At the end, PlatGrow is made with love for everyone who want’s to network and grow with other social media marketing enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates and remember… sharing is caring!

PS. if you have any questions, thoughts and ideas, make sure to write to us at our own PlatGrow Support Forum!